How do you use sodium bicarbonate to accelerate your weight los

  • - If you suffer from stomach and digestive troubles, then perhaps this is one of the most tiring recipes for your digestive system. So, you should be careful. Never take this prescription on an empty stomach, or if you feel severe stomach aches.
    Make sure that you do not suffer from allergies to baking soda before eating it, because many suffer from this sensitivity without knowing. If a rash, nausea, vomiting, itching, or irritation occurs in the skin and ears, this means that you are allergic to most
    Some people suffer from diarrhea, constipation or severe gas when drinking soda bicarbonate. So, make sure that your digestive system can handle it, and make sure that you can tolerate its consequences on your digestive system. In the event of diarrhea, be sure to drink enough fluids for fear of dehydration.
    Be careful not to add any citrus fruits to the liquid, but dissolve the baking soda in water at room temperature. Do not eat more of the recipe. Make it more powerful
    In fact, soda bicarbonate doesn't affect weight loss, it just helps you digest. It has not been clinically proven to have any real weight loss effects from using baking soda, but rather to facilitate and speed up digestion.
    - If you want to take a mixture of baking soda to facilitate digestion, you should eat it after heavy meals. Dissolve the bicarbonate in water at room temperature, and then drink a cup of cold water.
    - Make sure to burn calories and lose weight through exercise on a daily basis, and avoid eating fatty and high-calorie foods